I Spy Quilts

Seven years ago a friend in my quilting circle gave me a pattern piece set used for making I Spy quilts. I have now made close to twenty I Spy quilts since then.

What’s an I Spy quilt? Each piece of fabric has a different print on it (or in theory, but that’s a lot of fabric for a budget to muster). Kids take turns pointing out an object they see, like a cat, and the others try to guess where on the quilt the cat can be found. Babies also enjoy looking at the various colors and objects found on each piece.

Chatterbox and Hugs still use their I spy quilts. Once you start making them for friends and family, it’s hard to stop. This is my number one request and my go-to gift for baby showers.


Chatterbox’s is on the left, Hugs’s is on the right.



See that zigzag binding going on? I suggest to not try it, stick with a straight edge. It was seriously hard for me and I have refused to do it since the first time I tried it.


Annabelle’s Quilt

This is by far the hardest quilt I’ve made and not for the reasons you may think. I put much thought into this one and consulted with the Hubs often.

AnnabellesQuilt3 AnnabellesQuilt1 AnnabellesQuilt2

A close coworker divulged her tragedy a month ago, she had miscarried her sixth child. I wanted to do something meaningful for her and her husband. I thought a quilt in memory of her daughter would be a nice gesture but you never know how people will handle death so I decided to ask her permission first. I wanted it to be a happy reminder not a solemn one. She gladly gave me permission.

AnnabellesQuilt4 AnnabellesQuilt5

I didn’t want it to be too girly but I did happen to have mostly pink fabric in my stash. My husband helped me decide on the random color patterns. I wanted to embroider the child’s name, Annabell Hope, in the center but we didn’t want all of the attention drawn to the name. I wish I had had a bit more of the paisley fabric because it tied all of the colors together so well.


I embroidered her name by hand, it was too delicate to even try to attempt with a sewing machine.

My friend was thrilled to see the finished product and I felt like it would be seen as a happy reminder.

AnnabelleQuilt4 AnnabelleQuilt2 AnnabelleQuilt1