I Spy Quilts

Seven years ago a friend in my quilting circle gave me a pattern piece set used for making I Spy quilts. I have now made close to twenty I Spy quilts since then.

What’s an I Spy quilt? Each piece of fabric has a different print on it (or in theory, but that’s a lot of fabric for a budget to muster). Kids take turns pointing out an object they see, like a cat, and the others try to guess where on the quilt the cat can be found. Babies also enjoy looking at the various colors and objects found on each piece.

Chatterbox and Hugs still use their I spy quilts. Once you start making them for friends and family, it’s hard to stop. This is my number one request and my go-to gift for baby showers.


Chatterbox’s is on the left, Hugs’s is on the right.



See that zigzag binding going on? I suggest to not try it, stick with a straight edge. It was seriously hard for me and I have refused to do it since the first time I tried it.

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