Annabelle’s Quilt

This is by far the hardest quilt I’ve made and not for the reasons you may think. I put much thought into this one and consulted with the Hubs often.

AnnabellesQuilt3 AnnabellesQuilt1 AnnabellesQuilt2

A close coworker divulged her tragedy a month ago, she had miscarried her sixth child. I wanted to do something meaningful for her and her husband. I thought a quilt in memory of her daughter would be a nice gesture but you never know how people will handle death so I decided to ask her permission first. I wanted it to be a happy reminder not a solemn one. She gladly gave me permission.

AnnabellesQuilt4 AnnabellesQuilt5

I didn’t want it to be too girly but I did happen to have mostly pink fabric in my stash. My husband helped me decide on the random color patterns. I wanted to embroider the child’s name, Annabell Hope, in the center but we didn’t want all of the attention drawn to the name. I wish I had had a bit more of the paisley fabric because it tied all of the colors together so well.


I embroidered her name by hand, it was too delicate to even try to attempt with a sewing machine.

My friend was thrilled to see the finished product and I felt like it would be seen as a happy reminder.

AnnabelleQuilt4 AnnabelleQuilt2 AnnabelleQuilt1




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