Robin Costume










In budgeting our cash for the month of October, Halloween costumes for the boys were a given.   That is until we tried to price some out at Walmart. I was expecting to find costumes around $10-$12 each; not a chance it was $25 and up. I dug out Chatterbox’s Batman costume from last Halloween. It was so big on him last year, I wondered if it would fit him still. Lo and behold it does…one costume down.

I was unsure about Hugs…would he even want to wear a costume. We have two that were given to us when Chatterbox was his age but they were all very hot: a giraffe and a dinosaur. Halloween temps in Texas are cool not cold. A coworker mentioned her husband and son would dress up every year in complimenting outfits. That was the final push for inspiration I needed. I have a ton of solid cotton fabric therefore Hugs can be Batman’s trusty sidekick, Robin. The top is complete but I have a bit more left to finish on the pants. I can’t wait to see them side by side!

RobinCostume1 RobinCostume2 RobinCostume3


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